40 Celebrities Who Travel In Their Own Private Jets And Superyachts

Flying high in a private jet or cruising around in one’s own personal superyacht... These are surely among the ultimate modes of transport. Yet these are luxuries that can be afforded only by the very richest people on the planet. If you can bear the feelings of envy – or perhaps revulsion – then read on for 40 examples of conspicuous consumption...

40. The Edge

Back in 2008, rumors began circulating that U2 frontman Bono had bought a superyacht. And while the speculation was ultimately proved incorrect, there was still an element of truth to the story; it just involved the wrong band member. You see, the $15.4 million vessel actually belongs to U2’s guitarist, The Edge. The strummer told the Irish Independent at the time, “It’s not Bono’s yacht at all. It’s mine. Bono doesn’t know a thing about boats.”

39. Giorgio Armani

The first thing you’ll notice about fashion legend Giorgio Armani’s superyacht, dubbed Main, is that it’s dark green. That’s not a common color choice for a luxury vessel, but it was conceived with intent. Basically, the designer opted for the strange shade to camouflage his 213-foot boat out on the ocean. And the interior is no less dazzling. As well as featuring full panoramic views, it offers rooms for up to 12 guests and can accommodate 14 crew.

38. Rafael Nadal

In 2019 tennis superstar Rafael Nadal decided that he’d had enough of chartering yachts. Instead, it was finally time for him to buy his own. And that’s exactly what he did, ordering an enormous 78-foot vessel from Polish company Sunreef Yachts. The resulting bespoke catamaran has been designed to cruise around Nadal’s home island of Majorca.

37. Steven Spielberg

The acclaimed director of Jaws, Jurassic Park and Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of Hollywood’s wealthiest filmmakers, so it’s no surprise that he owns a superyacht. Steven Spielberg’s $200 million vessel Seven Seas boasts a helipad, a gym, a spa and – naturally – a couple of movie theaters. But its killer feature is undoubtedly the 150-foot glass wall – which can also be used as a screen – beside the infinity pool.