40 Little-known Facts About William And Harry 

Princes William and Harry have been in the news ever since they were born. The world, it seems, can’t get enough of their exploits. But despite the whirling rumor mill, the pair try to keep their lives as private as possible, rarely giving interviews. Over the years only a few tidbits have leaked out about what the brothers are like away from the cameras – and they may change your view of the two royals.

40. William and Harry have secret step-siblings

Though this fact often goes forgotten, Harry and William are step-brothers to the adult children of their step-mother, Camilla Parker Bowles. They are Tom Parker Bowles, a food journalist, and Laura Lopes, who co-founded the Eleven Fine Art gallery in London. Both of them keep a fairly low profile, especially the latter.

39. Both princes have several middle names

It’s royal tradition for children to be given more than one middle name, and for them to reference previous royals. So Prince William’s full name is William Arthur Philip Louis – the names of his grandfather and his third child are both in there. Prince Harry’s is Henry Charles Albert David. Yep, “Harry” is a nickname.

38. Diana organized her royal schedule around her sons

Princess Diana was determined to be a hands-on mother to her two children. She made sure that her royal work didn’t get in the way of being a mom, and sometimes even took William and Harry to school by herself. And although having a nanny was inevitable, she made sure it was one she picked, not the royal family.

37. Both unwillingly walked behind Diana’s coffin


It was an image that transfixed the whole world – Diana’s young sons walking behind her coffin at her funeral. But neither prince wanted to be there. In 2017 William informed the Daily Express that the funeral was “one of the hardest things I have ever done.” Harry, meanwhile, told Newsweek, “I don’t think any child should be asked to do that, under any circumstances. I don’t think it would happen today.”

36. The princes were taught to pick up trash

Prince Charles taught his sons the importance of cleaning up the environment whenever they went on holiday. In the 2018 documentary Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70, William remembered, “We were there with our spikes, stabbing the rubbish into black plastic bags. We both just thought: ‘Oh, well, this is perfectly normal, everyone must do it.’”

35. William and Harry love cake


Apparently, both William and Harry adore sweet desserts, a trait they might get from their cake-loving grandmother. William likes chocolate biscuit cake so much he had one made as the “groom’s cake” for his wedding to Kate Middleton. And Harry reportedly loves banana caramel cake, and banana-flavored treats in general.

34. William didn’t necessarily want to be King

William always knew he would take the throne one day, and it seems Harry didn’t mind reminding him. According to one slightly sad story, the older sibling once told Diana that, in order to protect her, he’d decided to become a police officer. Harry then piped up with, “Oh, no you can’t. You’ve got to be King.” Now William’s son George apparently wants to be a cop too… But he’ll also be king one day.

33. Both princes are godparents


In addition to being parents, William and Harry are both godparents to various children. Harry is the godfather to at least five kids, including the daughter of Zara Tindall, his cousin. Prince Constantine-Alexios of Greece has William as his godfather. But neither brother is godparent to the other one’s kids – it’s not royal tradition.

32. Either prince could fly you in a helicopter

Flying a helicopter is not easy, but both princes can do it. William trained with the RAF and Harry with the AAC, and they were successful. The former has served as a search-and-rescue and an air ambulance pilot. His younger brother, meanwhile, flew Apache helicopters in Afghanistan and was eventually promoted to commander.

31. Diana made sure her boys never got special treatment


In 1993, Diana took William and Harry for a day trip to British attraction Thorpe Park. The royal family were photographed there, of course, but she was determined that, aside from official trips, the boys would be treated like normal children. They went on several rides and waited in line for every one of them.

30. William doesn’t watch The Crown, but Harry might

Netflix’s The Crown, a lavish production about the life of Queen Elizabeth II and her family, is very popular. The princes, though, may have differing opinions on the show. Olivia Colman, who plays the older monarch, once reported that she spoke to William about it. He then told the actor that he didn’t watch the series. But according to royal expert Katie Nicholl, Harry does, alongside Meghan Markle.

29. Both princes are fighting climate change


Harry and William are both putting in effort to improve the planet. While touring southern Africa in September 2019, Harry gave a speech about the possibility of a “very troubling world.” He then helped plant trees in Chobe National Park. The same month, William helped launch a research ship, the RSS David Attenborough, which will gather data about climate change in the polar region.

28. They give each other gag gifts for Christmas

Perhaps you wonder what the royals, people who have everything, give each other for Christmas? Apparently they buy only joke presents. Harry once got his grandmother, the actual queen, a shower cap with “Ain’t Life a B****” on it. We can only imagine what sorts of hilarious presents the brothers might get for each other, especially since Kate allegedly once bought Harry a “Grow Your Own Girlfriend Kit.”

27. They released a documentary about Princess Diana


August 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of Diana’s untimely death. And her sons wanted to do something to mark it. So, they made a documentary about her, titled Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy. During the film, William said, “Part of the reason why Harry and I want to do this is because we feel we owe it to her… We feel we at least owe her, 20 years on, to stand up for her name and remind everybody of the character and person that she was.”

26. Harry’s probably not the only playboy

Harry has always had a reputation as a “party prince” – remember the naked shenanigans in Las Vegas? But there’s rumors that William might have in his youth been very much the same. He was, it seems, just better at keeping it quiet. In 2007 an alleged friend of the Middletons told the Daily Mail that William “has always had a roving eye, far more so than Harry, who is meant to be the family playboy.” It might have been Kate who turned him off partying.

25. Both princes want their children to be raised normally


William and Harry are both parents now, and they want their children to be raised the way they were. Which means as normally as possible. William takes Prince George to school the same way his mother took him. And Harry was so determined his son Archie would have an ordinary life, he decided not to give him a royal title.

24. The young princes got to meet their crushes

Diana used her connections in the celebrity world to help, and possibly embarrass, a young William. When she found out her son was sweet on Cindy Crawford, she arranged for the supermodel to visit Kensington Palace and dine with them. And as for Prince Harry, he got to meet the Spice Girls – and Nelson Mandela – while traveling with his father in Johannesburg. But judging by the photos, the 13-year-old was most excited about the Spice Girls.

23. Harry threw William a huge stag party


Apparently, before William wed Kate Middleton, he had one last massive party thrown for him by Harry. It took place at Hartland Abbey, a former monastery, but some very un-monk-like drinking games went on. When asked by the media for details, St. James’s palace simply said, “It was an entirely private event and we don’t intend to make any further comment.”

22. Neither prince ought to eat seafood

It may not be an official rule as such, but apparently the royal family generally shy away from eating seafood because of the risk of food poisoning. An upset stomach while traveling could be disastrous, which means shellfish especially are right out. However, Prince William has admitted to enjoyed sushi in the past, so maybe he’s rebelling.

21. The princes get on well with Camilla


Harry and William obviously loved their mother Diana, but they have a stepmother, too, Camilla. And of course, she was the woman their father cheated on their mom with. Yet, despite everything, the princes don’t seem to dislike the now-Duchess of Cornwall. According to The Real Camilla director Juliet Rice, who spoke to the Daily Express in 2019, “William and Harry adore her.”

20. Diana took her sons to meet people in need

Princess Diana very much believed in helping people more in need than she was. As a result, she made sure to instill that sense of responsibility in her sons as well. She took William and Harry with her when she went to homeless shelters and also on visits to AIDs patients, as she had already demonstrated to the world that the condition wasn’t spread through non-sexual contact.

19. The princes do have a surname to use


Most of the time, William and Harry are referred to as “Prince William,” and “Prince Harry.” Or, more formally as “The Duke of Cambridge” and “The Duke of Sussex.” While they attended school and the military, however, the brothers used the surname “Wales” – as their father Charles is, of course, the Prince of Wales. They were reportedly the first royals to do this.

18. The Queen reportedly favored William

According to royal experts, the Queen gave William all the attention when both boys were children; he was heir to the throne after all. Unfortunately, this left poor Harry very much out in the cold. Diana of course hated this, and went out of her way to give her second son extra love.

17. William and Harry both love sports


Many royals enjoy sports – the Queen herself loves horse-riding – and the princes are no exception. William is one of England Rugby Football Union’s patrons and has taken his kids to watch football games. And in 2014 Harry set up an entire sporting competition, the Invictus Games, for wounded soldiers.

16. Harry wasn’t as academic as William

If you’re a royal, unfortunately you’re expected to share your exam results with the world. For William’s A-levels, he got a B in art and A in geography – he would later study the subject at St. Andrew’s University. Harry, though, didn’t have quite the same passion for the subject, getting only a D. But he also passed art with a B.

15. Diana encouraged play-fighting


Such was Diana’s devotion to making sure her sons got an ordinary life that she didn’t mind if they fought sometimes. According to former protection officer Ken Wharfe, told the Evening Standard in 2012, “William and Harry were such fun-loving children. They loved to play-fight and when they hit each other they meant it… But Diana encouraged it. She thought it was good for them to just be boys.”

14. Both princes witnessed their wives give birth

For a long time, it was a big royal no-no to have a husband present in the delivery room. But the brothers thoroughly put that tradition to rest. For all three of the Cambridge children, William was at the hospital to welcome them into the world. And when Meghan Markle gave birth to their son, Archie, Harry was there.

13. The princes were almost in Star Wars


While Star Wars: The Last Jedi was being filmed, William and Harry got to tour the set. They seemed to have a wonderful time, but best of all they got to appear in a scene. They were under Stormtrooper helmets, so no one would have known who they were. Sadly, though, the scene got cut in the end.

12. Kate’s engagement ring from William has a history

When Kate Middleton agreed to marry William in 2010, she was given a stunning engagement ring which had once belonged to Diana. However, in the past, her younger son had also owned it. After their mother passed away, the boys were allowed to choose things from her jewellery collection. Harry picked the ring and the older sibling a watch. But they later switched the pieces around, and William was able to propose to Kate with his mother’s ring.

11. The princes loved fast food


Growing up, William and Harry were obsessed with fast food’s. Darren McGrady, former chef to the family, told The Mirror in 2019, “The boys loved McDonald’s, going out [for] pizza, and having potato skins – sort of the American foods. They were royal princes but had children’s palates.” They also loved getting the toys which came with kid’s meals.

10. They support different football teams

Supporting opposing soccer teams can be a big deal, but luckily it doesn’t seem to have torn William and Harry apart. The former is a fan of Aston Villa, and goes to a lot of their matches. The latter, on the other hand, favors Arsenal, and apparently the majority of the royal family also do.

9. The princes still continue Diana’s work


Princes William and Harry are determined to continue supporting the same charities and projects their mother once did. As a result, in 2005 William became patron of homeless charity Centrepoint, whose shelters Diana used to take him to. And in 2019 Harry went to Angola and trod the path his mom had once taken through a minefield.

8. They both had fairly ordinary schooling

Before William came along, royal children were educated at the palace. But Diana wasn’t having that for her son, and so she sent him to nursery school instead. As for Harry, he also attended pre-school, and unfortunately ended up having an even more down-to-earth experience. Apparently, the young prince was bullied.

7. William helped Harry get mental health help


In 2017 Harry revealed to The Telegraph that he had sought help for mental health problems over the years. After a period of “total chaos,” he said, eventually William persuaded him to go to therapy by telling him, “Look, you really need to deal with this. It is not normal to think that nothing has affected you.” Thanks to Harry’s admission, mental health charities received a swell of calls.

6. The Queen protected the boys after Diana’s death

Britain went into a state of grief and uproar after Diana died. In the 2017 documentary Diana, 7 Days, William told the filmmakers “At the time, you know, my grandmother wanted to protect her two grandsons, and my father as well. Our grandmother deliberately removed the newspapers and things like that, so there was nothing in the house at all. So we didn’t know what was going on.”

5. They would torment their bodyguards


Despite William and Harry’s royal blood, they weren’t always well-behaved as children. In the documentary film Harry at 30, former bodyguard Ken Wharfe remembered a time when the princes were given water pistols. He explained, “They said ‘Let’s fill them with water and get the policemen,’ and I said ‘No, you are not doing that.’” But they did anyway.

4. Harry wasn’t technically William’s best man

Although everyone believes Harry was best man at William’s wedding, he wasn’t. Why? Because royal weddings don’t actually have them. Instead, they have “supporters.” And apparently, according to royal experts, the heir broke protocol by even asking. Still, everyone was happy, so did it really matter?

3. Neither prince gets along with the press


Seeing as how Diana was fleeing from the paparazzi when her car crashed and killed her, it’s perfectly understandable that her sons dislike the media. William reportedly waited so long to propose to Kate because he was afraid of the press intrusion. And Harry goes much further – in 2004, he allegedly threw a punch at a photographer.

2. Both are haunted by their last conversation with their mother

On the night Diana died, she called home to see how her sons were doing. Of course, none of them had any idea what would happen that night, and the brothers behaved as children do on the phone, wanting to hang up and play instead. In the 2017 documentary Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, both princes remembered that evening. Harry said, “Looking back on it now, it’s incredibly hard.”

1. They may not be feuding


After Harry married Meghan Markle and had a child with her, the press made a lot of the idea that he and William were fighting. But, according to Harry in the documentary Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, “The majority of the stuff is created out of nothing but as brothers, you know, you have good days, you have bad days.” And royal commentators have said chances are there’s not really a “feud.”

But William and Harry aren’t the only royals who’ve shown us glimpses of their more human sides. While most of the time, the family are highly professional and pictures of decorum, every now and again the masks slip. And when they do, you can bet that some cameras will notice. So these 20 candid pictures of the royals demonstrate that they’re just like us – moments of goofiness and all.

20. Charles laughs at a phone


Who knew the royals had smartphones? Well, it seems like the younger ones, at least, carry them around. And during the Invictus Games in 2014, a woman in the royal party handed one to Prince William. He in turn showed it to his father, Prince Charles. Charles looked horrified at first – but then cracked up. What was on it? We may never know.

19. Kate plays cricket

During a visit to New Zealand in 2014, the Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed a game of cricket. Unfortunately, it didn’t entirely go to plan. William accidentally tossed a ball right at her head, you see, and audiences were treated to some uncharacteristically hilarious faces from Kate. But to be fair, she was trying to play the game in three-inch heels, which is never a good idea.

18. William does some yoga


At the Audi Polo Challenge in 2016, William warmed up with some yoga – while wearing jeans. The cameras recorded every moment, however, and the duke looked like he was having fun. The guy behind him, though, got a sudden close-up of the royal rear.

17. Camilla holds a knife

There was a time when Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, was deeply unpopular. Probably because of her relationship with Prince Charles, she was once even pelted with bread in a supermarket. Well, this photo looks like she’s decided to get her revenge. But actually she’s just looking at hand-made knives during a 2015 tour of Adelaide, Australia. She did jokingly shake one at Charles, though.

16. Prince George plays with Savannah Philips


Savannah Philips doesn’t have a royal title, but she’s related to Prince George by blood. And at seven years old, she’s the Queen’s oldest great-grandchild. Yet although technically she could be George’s subject one day, that didn’t stop her putting a hand over his mouth at the Trooping the Colour ceremony in 2018. He didn’t seem to mind, though.

15. Harry and Meghan joke around

It didn’t take long for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to establish themselves as the most adorable royal couple. After their engagement in November 2017, in fact, they did an interview with the BBC, and later the broadcaster released some outtakes. In the footage, the pair laugh with each other, pull silly poses and basically act like any other young couple in love.

14. William gets splashed with water


In 2017 William and Kate arrived at the London Marathon to hand out water to the runners. But no good deed goes unpunished, as they say. While giving out bottles, in fact, William was splashed in the face, and his expression was picture-perfect hilarious. Who splashed him? A prankster? Harry? No one’s ever admitted to it…

13. Camilla pinches food

You’d think Camilla would have more than enough food provided for her every day at her royal residence – but apparently not. While appearing on ITV’s This Morning with her husband in 2018, the duchess was caught on camera nicking an extra portion of food from the studio kitchen. Holly Willoughby noticed her too, and she doesn’t look very happy about it.

12. George sticks out his tongue


In 2015 George made his debut on the royal balcony for the Trooping the Colour ceremony, and all eyes were on him. Mostly he was on his best behavior, giving a little royal wave along with his parents and family. But as soon as he got inside Buckingham Palace, the cameras trained on the building saw him appear at the window in the arms of his nanny, sticking his tongue out. Ah well.

11. Kate and William perform a duel

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are heirs, parents, fashion icons – and apparently also huge nerds. While visiting the Warner Brothers Studios Tour London in 2013, William and Kate picked up a pair of Harry Potter wands and enthusiastically mimed duelling with them. William’s spell of choice? “Expelliarmus.” The man knows his Harry Potter, and that’s all a future king needs.

10. Meghan jokes with the Queen


Gossip sites and tabloid newspapers constantly fan the flames of speculation regarding Meghan’s relationship with the Queen. But the two appeared to get on very well during their first solo outing together in June 2018. As they sat together at the opening of a bridge in Widnes, England, they even seemed to be sharing a joke together and laughing. It was a rare but welcome unguarded moment from the Queen.

9. Harry meets a shark

In 2015 Harry travelled to South Africa and dropped by The Sharks rugby club, a.k.a. The Shark Tank. There, he met local children and chatted with officials. He then stuck his face into the mouth of the Sharks’ mascot, which is, of course, a giant shark. Whoever was inside the costume probably got a bit of a shock.

8. The Queen delights at her horse


The Queen is very fond of horses and horseracing. So when she witnessed her horse Sign Manual win a race during the Dubai Duty Free Raceday in April 2013, she cracked a big smile. The cameras caught the moment too, and although Her Majesty looks slightly different to how she usually looks, her joy is pretty evident. And yes, she does get to keep her winnings.

7. Harry entertains a child

When Harry was at the Invictus Games in 2017, the world got a glimpse of what he would be like as a dad. He sat next to the wife and young daughter of U.K. team captain Dave Henson, and the little girl kept stealing his popcorn. Far from being angry, though, Harry pulled some adorable silly faces with her.

6. Charles dances


Yes, even heir to the throne Charles indulges in a bit of dad dancing every now and again. While visiting Mexico in 2014, in fact, he tried the traditional Sarao Campechano. And he actually wasn’t bad at it. Carlos Javier Zamorano, who helped Charles with his handkerchief-waving dance, told the press that if Charles had more practice “he would be very good.”

5. Kate is shocked

Kate has a pretty face, which somehow makes it all the funnier when she pulls a funny expression. And while at London’s Natural History Museum viewing a new David Attenborough movie in 2013, it seems the person next to her must’ve said something deeply shocking. Why else would she look so surprised?

4. William pulls a big smile


William seems to be a pretty chilled-out guy. For example, when he attended an awards ceremony at the Royal United Services Institute in 2014, he was accidentally introduced as the Duke of Edinburgh. That’s actually the title of his grandfather, Prince Philip. But he didn’t appear to care at all and just laughed heartily.

3. George does a mini-dance

At the wedding of his mother’s friend Sophie Carter, George decided to steal the show. He even did a little marching dance while standing with the pageboys, and the cameras covering the wedding snapped away. “George is a real star, quite the little chap,” an anonymous source gushed to People about the young prince.

2. Charles and Camilla are scared by a bird


There are pictures that are excellently timed, and then there are pictures that are perfectly timed. This shot of Charles and Camilla is one of the latter. During a trip to the Sandringham Flower Show in 2015, they were introduced to Zephyr the bald eagle – who flapped his wings right in their faces. The rest, of course, is history.

1. Charles and the Queen share a moment

In 2006 the Queen and her oldest child went to watch the tug-of-war contest at the Braemar Gathering. And something made the two of them absolutely crack up laughing. People of the internet loved the resulting photo so much that they made it into a meme. So maybe that’s what Charles saw on William’s phone.